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Everything you ever wanted to know about us. Or not.
"(...)music is the universal language of mankind and brings peace, love and happiness to the world."

Sanka Soundsystem has been founded late 2013 by Primo 'Disco' Versteeg and Job 'Sanka' Colman. Inspired by Ghandi, Bob Marley and the movie Cool Runnings they decided they too could make the world a better place. Their vision is that music is the universal language of mankind and brings peace, love and happiness to the world. Their love for positive music grew in their early childhood. Job grew up in the South-Eastern side of Amsterdam, also known as the Bijlmer. Because the neightbourhood was a bit rough and it looked like he was about to choose the wrong path in life, he was sent to Lhasa in Tibet when he was about 4 years old. There he attended an exchange program at the Dalai Lama Daycare where he mainly received spiritual classes and learned about Buddhistic, Hinduïstic and Rastafari cultures. Job is now a part-time law student at the University of Amsterdam and strongly believes in two basic principles: 1) Time is relative. 2) The journey is always more relevant than the destination. Scientific studies have proved that in his past life, Primo was the shaman of one of the first pre-inuit families who lived in Northern Greenland. His main skills included interpretation of the 'aurea borealis', now known as the Northern Lights. This might explain his love for grilled chicken, because there aren't many to be found in Northern Greenland. In the present, his influences from his shamanic ritual dances are still to be seen in his Breakdancing teaching classes.

  • Carbs
  • Veggies
  • Chicken
  • Ice Tea


Like the Italians like to say: questa squadra funziona come un orologio!
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Job Colman

Founder, DJ and full-time Sankaman. You may find him in clubs, restaurants, the homeless shelter, the university library of Amsterdam or on the streets driving in an electric Car2Go!
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Primo Versteeg

Founder, former-DJ and part-time producer. You may find him in the gym, in the studio making music or doing production related stuff for the Amsterdam festival scene with his company Chasing the Hihat Event Services.


Instead of receiving testimonials, we chose to write them ourselfs for the people in the music scene that are close to us.